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Local Agent & Compliance Services

Being a remote operator can be hard.  That’s why we crafted a set of compliance services for Scottsdale and the greater Phoenix area for those who are looking to self manage but just need help satisfying local compliance laws:

Scottsdale 24/7 Local Contact

We serve as your local 24/7 Emergency Contact for your vacation rental and answer any emergency calls compliant with SRC 18-150

Price:  $50/month

Code Compliance Setup

We audit your vacation rental for physical site compliance for Scottsdale’s new vacation rental ordinance.  We take care of everything from signage and notifications to pool compliance evaluations and assistance to bring your property up to compliance.

Price:  Starting at $299

Physical Code Compliance Audit

We will audit your vacation rental once every 3 months to verify you are still up to code with your jurisdictions requirements and provide an action plan to remedy and variances.

Price:  Starting at $50/month

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